Welcome to 151 West 42nd Street, a groundbreaking green skyscraper located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. This architectural marvel, also known as One Five One, is not just another towering building in the iconic Times Square area—it is a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and responsible construction.

Durst Organization, the visionary behind this project, had a bold vision to create the first green skyscraper in the United States. Their commitment to energy efficiency, indoor air quality, tenant comfort, sustainable materials, and responsible construction has set a new standard for high-rise buildings.

The First Green Skyscraper in the United States

At the forefront of architectural innovation, 151 West 42nd Street has earned its distinction as the first green skyscraper in the United States. This iconic building stands tall in the bustling heart of Midtown Manhattan, commanding attention with its pioneering approach to sustainability and environmentally conscious design.

From its inception, 151 West 42nd Street set out to redefine what a skyscraper can be. The vision of The Durst Organization, this landmark development sought to create a harmonious blend of architectural marvel and ecological responsibility.

One of the fundamental pillars of this green skyscraper is its commitment to energy efficiency. Employing cutting-edge technologies and innovative design principles, 151 West 42nd Street stands as a symbol of energy conservation amidst the urban landscape. It was the first project of its size to adopt rigorous standards for energy-efficient systems, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint and decreased dependence on traditional energy sources.

But energy efficiency is just the beginning. Indoor air quality is a paramount consideration for 151 West 42nd Street, setting a new benchmark for high-rise buildings. With state-of-the-art ventilation systems, meticulous filtration processes, and the use of non-toxic building materials, this green skyscraper creates a healthy and comfortable environment for its occupants.

Tenant comfort is another crucial element integrated into the design philosophy of 151 West 42nd Street. The building features a thoughtful layout that maximizes natural light, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding cityscape. Furthermore, advanced climate control systems ensure optimal thermal comfort throughout the year, making it a welcoming and productive space for tenants.

Sustainable materials are an essential component of this groundbreaking project. From its foundation to its rooftop, 151 West 42nd Street incorporates environmentally friendly materials that minimize environmental impact while maintaining structural integrity. The utilization of recycled and locally sourced materials is a testament to the commitment to sustainability that sets this green skyscraper apart.

Responsible construction is the guiding principle behind 151 West 42nd Street. The project’s developers, The Durst Organization, embraced an environmentally conscious construction process, adhering to stringent waste management practices and reducing construction-related pollution. This approach not only minimized the ecological footprint but also paved the way for future developments to adopt similar sustainable practices.

Location and Landmark Status

Located in the iconic Times Square area of Midtown Manhattan, 151 West 42nd Street holds a central and prestigious location in the heart of the city. This landmark building has become synonymous with the bustling energy and vibrant atmosphere of New York City.

As you step outside of the building, you are immediately greeted by the iconic Times Square lights, billboards, and the bustling crowd of locals and tourists. The location offers an unparalleled experience, where the pulse of the city can be felt in every direction.

But 151 West 42nd Street is not just a part of Times Square; it is a recognized landmark itself. With its stunning architecture and prominent position on the cityscape, the building stands out as an architectural masterpiece.

The towering skyscraper commands attention and symbolizes the progress and innovation of New York City. Its design seamlessly blends into the surrounding area, while also making a unique statement with its modern and sleek facade.

The prominent location and landmark status of 151 West 42nd Street make it a symbol of the city’s dynamic spirit and serve as a testament to the enduring charm of Midtown Manhattan. Whether you are walking past it or admiring it from afar, the building is an integral part of the vibrant cityscape that draws people from all over the world.

Sustainability and LEED Certification

The sustainability of 151 West 42nd Street is evident in its LEED Gold certification under the LEED v4 Existing Buildings: Operations + Maintenance. This prestigious certification recognizes the building’s exceptional commitment to sustainability and its dedication to reducing its environmental impact.

One of the key aspects of sustainability at 151 West 42nd Street is its adherence to the pre-packaged LEED v4 Commercial Interiors Certification guidelines. These guidelines are specifically designed for tenant use and ensure that the interior spaces of the building meet high standards of sustainability.

The building’s commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond certification requirements. It employs various strategies to minimize energy consumption and promote efficient operations. Energy-efficient lighting systems, advanced HVAC controls, and smart building technologies are just a few examples of the sustainable features integrated into the building’s design.

Indoor air quality is also a priority at 151 West 42nd Street. The building utilizes advanced air filtration systems and employs green cleaning practices to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment for occupants.

Sustainable materials play a significant role in the construction and maintenance of the building. From recycled content in building materials to low VOC (volatile organic compounds) finishes, every effort is made to ensure that the environmental impact of the building is minimized.

In addition to its commitment to sustainable practices, 151 West 42nd Street actively promotes environmental awareness and engagement among its tenants. Educational programs and initiatives are organized to encourage sustainable behaviors and foster a culture of sustainability within the building.

The LEED Gold certification of 151 West 42nd Street is a testament to its status as a leader in sustainable building practices. The building’s commitment to sustainability, as demonstrated by its adherence to rigorous certification guidelines and implementation of sustainable features, sets a benchmark for green buildings in the United States.

Convenient Amenities and Accessibility

When it comes to convenience, 151 West 42nd Street has it all. Situated in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, this landmark skyscraper offers a range of amenities that cater to the needs of both tenants and visitors.

One of the standout features of 151 West 42nd Street is its proximity to major subway stations. With several lines running nearby, commuting to and from the building is a breeze. Whether you’re traveling from uptown or downtown, you’ll find easy access to public transportation just steps away from the entrance.

In addition to excellent subway access, 151 West 42nd Street also provides convenient parking options. For those who prefer to drive, there are several nearby parking facilities available. Whether you’re a tenant looking to park your car or a visitor attending a meeting, you can rest assured that parking will be hassle-free.

But convenience doesn’t stop at transportation. Inside the building, a wide range of amenities awaits tenants and visitors alike. The lobby features a welcoming and modern design, creating a pleasant atmosphere as soon as you step through the doors. A lobby attendant is always present, ensuring a high level of security and providing assistance to those who need it.

For those in need of a quick bite or a caffeine boost, a cafe is conveniently located on-site. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee to start your workday or grabbing a sandwich during a lunch break, the cafe provides a convenient and delicious option.

Furthermore, 151 West 42nd Street offers 24/7 access to its amenities. Whether you need to access the building early in the morning or late at night, you can do so with ease and peace of mind.

The building also features conference center facilities, perfect for hosting meetings or events. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these spaces provide the ideal setting for productive discussions or important presentations.

Additionally, 151 West 42nd Street boasts a range of other amenities, including bike storage, a messenger center, and multiple passenger elevators. With these amenities, tenants and visitors can enjoy a seamlessly convenient experience.


151 West 42nd Street, also known as One Five One, stands as a true testament to innovation and sustainability in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. This pioneering green skyscraper, developed by the renowned Durst Organization, sets an exemplary standard for energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and tenant comfort.

One of the standout features of 151 West 42nd Street is its commitment to sustainability. As the first green skyscraper in the United States, the building has implemented groundbreaking measures to reduce energy consumption, optimize indoor air quality, and utilize sustainable materials. By adhering to strict standards for LEED Gold certification under LEED v4 Existing Buildings: Operations + Maintenance, One Five One showcases its dedication to minimizing its environmental impact and creating a healthier built environment.

Located in the iconic Times Square area of Midtown Manhattan, 151 West 42nd Street enjoys a central position that adds to its appeal. The building’s proximity to major subway stations and convenient parking options provide tenants and visitors with easy accessibility. This strategic location not only benefits the occupants of One Five One but also contributes to the dynamic cityscape of the area.

In addition to its sustainability and central location, 151 West 42nd Street offers a range of convenient amenities. The building houses state-of-the-art facilities and services that enhance tenant comfort and productivity. From modern fitness centers to sophisticated meeting spaces, One Five One takes care of its occupants’ needs and fosters a vibrant community.

As we conclude our exploration of 151 West 42nd Street, it is clear that this green skyscraper is more than just a landmark; it is a symbol of forward-thinking design and responsible construction. Its sustainable practices, accessibility, and commitment to tenant comfort make it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking a modern, environmentally conscious workspace.

By leading the way in sustainability and setting new standards for green building practices, 151 West 42nd Street inspires others to follow suit. As more companies and developers recognize the importance of creating sustainable spaces, we can look to One Five One as a shining example of what can be achieved in the world of green architecture.

So, whether you are a tenant looking for a sustainable and accessible workspace or a visitor admiring the architectural marvels of New York City, be sure to visit 151 West 42nd Street. Experience firsthand the innovative features and benefits that make this green skyscraper a standout in the bustling metropolis of Manhattan.

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