About Clyde & Co

Clyde & Co is a leading global law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. With a strong commitment to excellence, we provide a complete range of legal services to clients in various sectors, including insurance, transport, energy, infrastructure, and trade & commodities. Our team of highly skilled lawyers and legal professionals specialize in delivering top-notch legal solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

At Clyde & Co, we understand the complex and evolving legal landscape that businesses operate in. Our years of experience and expertise allow us to navigate the intricacies of the legal system and provide strategic advice and representation to our clients. As a global law firm, we have developed a deep understanding of the industries we serve, enabling us to provide insightful and effective legal counsel.

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond the boardroom. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, partnering with them to achieve their business goals. By investing in cutting-edge technology and staying up-to-date with the latest legal developments, we ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and innovative solutions.

Core Sectors

At Clyde & Co, we specialize in key sectors that are vital to our clients’ businesses. These sectors include insurance, transport, energy, infrastructure, and trade & commodities.


In the insurance sector, our lawyers have extensive experience representing insurers and reinsurers in a wide range of claims and disputes. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing the insurance industry and work closely with our clients to minimize risk and maximize opportunities.


In the transport sector, we assist clients in navigating the legal complexities of aviation, shipping, and logistics. Our team of lawyers has a wealth of experience in handling transportation-related legal matters and is well-versed in the international and domestic regulations that govern the industry.


Our energy practice covers all aspects related to the energy industry, including renewable energy, oil and gas, and power generation. We advise clients on regulatory compliance, project development, financing, and dispute resolution, helping them navigate the rapidly evolving energy landscape.


In the infrastructure sector, we provide comprehensive legal advice and support for construction projects, infrastructure development, and public-private partnerships. Our team works closely with clients to ensure successful project delivery while mitigating legal risks.

Trade & Commodities:

Lastly, our dedicated team for trade and commodities offers legal expertise in international trade transactions and disputes. We assist clients in navigating the complex world of international trade, providing guidance on contracts, shipping, customs, and compliance.

Awards and Recognition

Clyde & Co has earned numerous accolades and recognition for our exceptional legal services and industry expertise. We have been consistently ranked as one of the top law firms globally, recognized for our dispute resolution practice and our contributions to the insurance, transport, energy, infrastructure, and trade & commodities sectors. Our commitment to excellence has been acknowledged through prestigious awards and accolades from leading legal publications and industry organizations. These accolades serve as a validation of our exceptional legal services and industry expertise.

Our dispute resolution practice has been widely recognized for its outstanding performance and effective resolution of complex legal matters. We have successfully represented clients in a wide range of disputes across industries, including insurance, transport, energy, infrastructure, and trade & commodities. Our ability to provide comprehensive legal solutions and deliver favorable outcomes for our clients has been highly regarded in the legal community.

Our expertise in insurance law has been recognized, and we have been honored with awards for our contributions to the insurance sector. In the transport sector, our legal services have been highly praised for helping clients navigate complex legal challenges in aviation, shipping, and logistics. The energy industry is another area where we have received accolades for our exceptional legal services. Our expertise spans renewable energy, oil and gas, and power generation, and we have been recognized for our ability to provide comprehensive legal advice in these areas.

In the infrastructure sector, our legal expertise has been instrumental in the successful completion of construction projects, infrastructure development, and public-private partnerships. Our dedication to delivering high-quality legal services in trade and commodities transactions and disputes has also been acknowledged. We have a dedicated team that provides expert legal advice and support in international trade matters.

Global Presence

With offices spanning across six continents, Clyde & Co has a truly global presence. Our international network allows us to provide seamless legal services to clients worldwide, irrespective of their location or the complexity of their legal needs. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses operating in different jurisdictions, and we have the expertise to navigate the complexities of international law and regulations.

At Clyde & Co, we have established offices in key global locations, including London, Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Guildford in the United Kingdom. Additionally, we have a strong presence in superyacht hubs around the world, catering to the unique legal needs of this specialized industry.

Our global reach is reinforced by our extensive network of over 2,400 lawyers across 60 offices worldwide. This allows us to offer our clients local market knowledge backed by global capability. Whether our clients are expanding into new markets or seeking legal advice and representation in their existing locations, Clyde & Co is well-equipped to support them every step of the way.

Operating on a global scale also means understanding the intricacies of international regulations and laws. Our team of legal professionals is highly experienced in dealing with cross-border matters, including international contracts, dispute resolution, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance. We keep ourselves updated on the latest developments in global trade and commerce to provide strategic and tailored solutions to our clients.

Moreover, our global presence and international network enable us to foster strong relationships with local authorities, industry professionals, and businesses around the world. This allows us to provide our clients with valuable insights, connections, and resources to help them navigate the complexities of operating in different jurisdictions.

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

At Clyde & Co, we are deeply committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. We understand the importance of making a positive impact on the communities where we operate and actively contributing to social and environmental initiatives.

One of our core focus areas is promoting diversity and inclusion. We firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters creativity, innovation, and better decision-making. By embracing diversity, we create an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to thrive.

Another pillar of our corporate social responsibility programs is supporting access to justice. We believe that access to legal services should be available to all, regardless of their background or financial means. Through pro bono work and partnerships with non-profit organizations, we strive to ensure that underserved communities have access to the legal support they need.

Reducing our environmental footprint is also a key aspect of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We recognize the urgent need to mitigate the impacts of climate change and transition to a more sustainable future. We have implemented various initiatives to reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, and promote responsible resource management.

By prioritizing corporate social responsibility, we are driven by the belief that doing good is not only the right thing to do but also essential for long-term success. We aim to create lasting value for our clients, employees, and the wider society. Our commitment to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is ingrained in our culture and guides everything we do.

To learn more about our corporate social responsibility initiatives and our commitment to responsible business practices, please visit our website: Clyde & Co – Corporate Social Responsibility.

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