Introduction to Carbon 96

Join us on a journey into the world of Carbon 96, the captivating collaborative project of Ciarra Black and Zoë Mc Pherson. Discover the artistic backgrounds of these talented individuals and their shared passion for pushing boundaries in music and visual arts.

Live Improvisation: Currents fm Festival

Experience the mesmerizing live improvisation performance by Carbon 96 at the Currents fm festival, curated by Florence To. Witness their exceptional talent in creating immersive sonic experiences that push the boundaries of electronic music.

Carbon 96, comprised of Ciarra Black and Zoë Mc Pherson, took the stage at the Currents fm festival and left the audience in awe with their exceptional live improvisation performance. Their captivating showcase demonstrated their mastery in creating immersive sonic experiences that transcend genres and conventions.

The energy emitted by Carbon 96 was electrifying, captivating the audience from the very beginning. Throughout their performance, the duo showcased their mastery over their instruments and created a sonic landscape that evolved and transformed with each passing moment.

What makes Carbon 96’s live improvisation so remarkable is their ability to tap into the energy of the audience and create a unique synergy between performers and listeners. Their seamless transitions between sonic experiments, adapting and responding to the mood in the room, left a lasting impression.

The Currents fm festival provided Carbon 96 with the perfect platform to showcase their talent and push the boundaries of their artistry. Curated by Florence To, this festival ensured that the audience was exposed to groundbreaking performances that challenged traditional notions of electronic music.

Carbon 96’s live improvisation at the Currents fm festival is a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries in the electronic music scene. Their ability to create immersive and captivating sonic experiences is a true reflection of their artistic vision and talent.

Take a moment to dive into the mesmerizing world of Carbon 96’s live improvisation at the Currents fm festival curated by Florence To. Let yourself be transported by their unique blend of music and artistry, and discover why this dynamic duo is making waves in the electronic music scene.

Club-Ready Releases: Carbonated

Get ready to be transported to a world of intense energy and intricate soundscapes with Carbon 96’s release titled ‘Carbonated’ on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion. This collection of club-worthy tracks is specifically crafted to be irresistible on the dancefloor.

The album ‘Carbonated’ showcases Carbon 96’s unique blend of music and art, seamlessly combining pulsating beats with captivating visuals. Each track has been carefully curated to create an immersive sonic experience that will leave you wanting more.

One standout track from the album is ‘Club Soda,’ a pulsating and hypnotic journey through intricate rhythms and atmospheric textures. Its infectious energy and driving bassline are guaranteed to make you move to the rhythm, creating an electrifying atmosphere on the dancefloor.

If you’re looking for more tracks to set the club on fire, ‘Carbonated’ has got you covered. The album features a range of high-energy tracks that will keep the crowd grooving all night long. From the pulsating beats of ‘Fizz’ to the mesmerizing melodies of ‘Bubbles,’ each track offers a unique sonic experience that will leave you immersed in a world of electronic bliss.

To get your hands on this club-ready release, you can purchase ‘Carbonated’ by Carbon 96 on Bleep. Bleep offers worldwide shipping, ensuring that you can enjoy the infectious grooves of Carbon 96 no matter where you are.

Whether you’re a club DJ looking to add fresh tracks to your setlist or a music enthusiast searching for the perfect soundtrack to your night out, ‘Carbonated’ by Carbon 96 is a must-listen. Immerse yourself in the intense energy and intricate soundscapes of this release and let the music take control of your senses.

Community Engagement: Carbon96 Subreddit

Join the vibrant Carbon96 subreddit community and get involved in discussions about their music, upcoming projects, and collaborations. Connect with like-minded fans and share your thoughts on the intriguing world of Carbon 96.

The Carbon96 subreddit is a thriving online community where fans can gather to discuss all things related to Carbon 96. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to their music, this subreddit provides a space for fans to connect, share their experiences, and dive deep into the intricacies of Carbon 96’s music and art.

One of the great things about the Carbon96 subreddit is its active discussion threads. Here, you can find conversations about their latest releases, upcoming projects, and collaborations. It’s an opportunity to share your thoughts, interpretations, and theories about their music, as well as learn from others who have their own unique perspectives.

In addition to discussions, the subreddit also provides a platform for fans to discover new content and engage with Carbon 96’s community initiatives. You can find links to interviews, live performances, and behind-the-scenes content that offer a deeper look into the creative process behind Carbon 96’s music and visuals.

Moreover, the Carbon96 subreddit is a place to connect with like-minded fans who share your passion for Carbon 96. It’s a supportive and inclusive community where you can make new friends, exchange recommendations, and even collaborate on fan projects. The subreddit fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among fans, creating a space where everyone’s voice is valued.

So, if you’re a fan of Carbon 96 and want to join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, head over to the Carbon96 subreddit and become part of the conversation. Engage in discussions, share your thoughts, and deepen your understanding of the intriguing world of Carbon 96. Together, let’s celebrate the unique blend of music and art that Carbon 96 brings to the electronic music scene.

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