Introduction to Progress Bank

Discover the recent merger between Progress Bank and United Community and how this partnership has enhanced the availability of personalized banking services for customers. Progress Bank, now part of United Community, is a leading financial institution dedicated to unlocking financial solutions for individuals and businesses.

The Merger and Enhanced Services

Progress Bank and United Community Banks, Inc. recently joined forces to create a powerhouse in the banking industry. This merger brings together the expertise, resources, and customer-centric approach of both institutions, resulting in an even stronger commitment to providing personalized banking services.

The merger has expanded the reach and capabilities of both organizations, which means customers now have access to a wider range of products and services designed to meet their individual needs. Whether it’s personal banking, business banking, wealth management, or advisory services, Progress Bank has it all under one roof.

Innovation in Online and Mobile Banking

The partnership between Progress Bank and United Community has also driven innovation in online and mobile banking. With advancements in technology, customers can enjoy a seamless and convenient banking experience from anywhere. The online and mobile banking platforms offered by Progress Bank provide easy access to account information, secure transactions, and a suite of tools and resources to help individuals and businesses manage their finances effectively.

Personal Banking Solutions

Progress Bank offers personal banking solutions that cater to the unique financial goals and needs of individuals. From checking and savings accounts to mortgages and loans, customers have a comprehensive range of products to choose from. The dedicated team of bankers at Progress Bank ensures that every customer receives personalized attention and guidance in selecting the right financial products.

Business Banking Services

For businesses, Progress Bank offers tailored banking services to support growth and financial success. From business checking accounts to merchant services and commercial loans, Progress Bank understands the unique challenges faced by businesses and provides customized solutions to meet their banking needs. With a strong commitment to the local community, Progress Bank fosters economic growth and empowers businesses to thrive.

Wealth Management and Advisory Services

Progress Bank provides wealth management and advisory services to help individuals achieve their financial goals. Whether it’s retirement planning, investment management, or estate planning, the team of professionals at Progress Bank has the knowledge and experience to help clients navigate the complexities of wealth management.

Community Involvement and Commitment

Progress Bank is not only committed to providing exceptional financial services but also to making a positive impact in the community. The bank actively participates in community programs, sponsorships, and initiatives that aim to empower individuals and drive economic growth. Progress Bank believes in giving back to the community and building strong, lasting relationships.

Why Choose Progress Bank

There are several reasons why individuals and businesses should consider Progress Bank. The bank’s commitment to personalized service ensures that every customer receives the attention and support they deserve. With innovative technology and a user-friendly online and mobile banking experience, Progress Bank makes managing finances easy and convenient.

Additionally, Progress Bank’s strong focus on the local community sets it apart from other banks. By actively engaging and supporting the community, Progress Bank creates a sense of belonging and contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

Contact and Get Started

Are you ready to experience the benefits of personalized banking services? Visit the Progress Bank website or contact their dedicated team of bankers to get started. Progress Bank is here to ensure a seamless and rewarding banking experience for every customer.

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