So useful that you need not go anywhere else for your market data visualization needs.

Recent Work

Useful and Impactful Insights.

We conduct backtesting, data analysis, and chart plotting to provide you with insights. Along with our research findings, you will receive the Python code we used, the datasets analyzed, and visual representations of the data. We have access to a wide range of pricing data for liquid financial instruments. Additionally, we are equipped to analyze any specialized data you may provide.

Scope of Work

Financial Markets Research, Data Visualization & more

Your request can be any of the scope of work listed here.

  • Market Trends

  • Currencies

  • Interest Rate Trends

  • Core Demand & Supply Data

  • Equities (Stocks)

  • ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds)

  • Bonds

  • Commodities

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Indices

  • Line Plot

  • Bar Chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Scatter Plot

  • Bubble Chart

  • Pairplot

  • Histogram

  • Candlestick Chart

  • Heatmap

  • Seasonal Decomposition Plot

  • ACF and PACF Plot

  • Data Cleaning and Transformation

  • Python Jupyter Notebooks

  • Autoregression
  • Seasonality
  • Linear Regression
  • Mean Reversion
  • Pairs Trading
  • Momentum Strategies
  • Portfolio Backtesting

  • Data Charts


Understanding the Latent Markets Services

We have a good depth of experience working in financial markets and tech.

Protecting our clients’ data is paramount. We have strict confidentiality protocols to guarantee the privacy and integrity of your data.

Primarily, we utilize Python, Jupyter Notebooks and analytical packages, given their efficiency in data analysis.

You can put up your work request in Trello, share a Google Doc, or share a Loom recording over if easier.

You will receive it from Trello, where the output can a link to a folder containing the docs, charts and Jupyter Notebook codes.

Our founder leads the team in conducting financial data research and data visualization, ensuring the highest level of expertise and quality in the services provided.